Privacy policy


Preliminary information


  1. This Privacy Policy sets forth the rules for the processing of personal data obtained through online store, its sub-sites, concluded Sales Agreements Sales Agreements and provided Electronic Services (hereinafter: "the Website"), as well as the rules and information regarding the used cookies. The expressions used in this Policy, written with a capital letter capital letter have the meaning given in the Regulations of the Online Store Online Store, unless otherwise follows from the content of this Policy.

  2. Privacy Policy includes. rules applicable to the Website for collecting and using data about Users, including for organized contests and for placement of orders by Users for products offered by Doboxa Sp. o.o. Products and the use of Electronic Services provided by Doboxa Sp. z o.o.

  3. The purpose of Doboxa Sp. z o.o. is to. Provide Users of the Website with privacy protection at the highest level, corresponding at least to the requirements set forth in the generally applicable laws, in particular the Act of July 18, 2002 on provision of services by electronic means (Journal of Laws of 2019, item 123), the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 on the protection of natural persons in connection with the processing of personal data and on the free flow of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) - RODO (Official Journal of the EU L 119, p.1), Act of May 10, 2018 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws of 2018 U. of 2018, item 1000), and in the Act of July 16, 2004. Law Telecommunications Law (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1954).





  1. Administrator of personal data, collected:

    • through the Online Store (including through the use of cookies or similar technology) or other channels of communication with the Customer,

    • obtained based on the Customer's online activity is,

      • Doboxa Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered office in Poznań at ul. Jana Henryka Dąbrowskiego 77A, 60-529 Poznań, the files of which are kept are kept by the District Court Poznań - Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, VIII Economic Department of the National Court Register under the KRS number 0000836409 with the share capital of: PLN 50,000.00 fully paid up, with NIP number: 7812007846 and REGON number: 38586782900000, referred to as. hereinafter: Doboxa or the Company or the Administrator.

  2. For questions regarding Data Protection, you may contact us by email at: or by mail to the Administrator's registered office address indicated above.

  3. If you give your additional consent, the controllers of the data obtained on the basis of your activity on the Internet using technologies such as cookies may also be our partners.





When we collect data, purpose of data collection and legal basis:

  1. During the conclusion and performance of contracts for the provision of Electronic Services (Account, Shopping Cart, Newsletter, Adding opinions to Products, presenting Customers with advertising content tailored to their interests interests of advertising content, enabling browsing of content placed within the website, Maintaining Customer sessions), at the stage of concluding contracts, executing agreements, processing of submitted complaints. Legal basis: necessity to perform the contract for the provision of services and the consent of the data subject to perform the contract (Article 6(1)(a) and (b) RODO),

  2. During the conclusion of the sales contract in the Online Store, including at the stage of placing an order, confirmation of the order, conclusion of the contract, execution of the contract, processing of complaints and withdrawal from the contract of sale Sales. Legal basis: necessary to perform the sales contract (Article 6(1)(b) RODO),

  3. When using the form Contact form, in order to respond to an inquiry. Legal basis -. Processing is necessary to take action at the request of the person, to whom the data relates (Article 6(1)(b) of the RODO),

  4. When filing a complaint, in order to handling the complaint process. Legal basis: article 6(1)(c) RODO - processing is necessary to comply with the law, among others. Article 556 of the Act of April 23, 1964. - Civil Code,

  5. When submitting a request for withdrawal From the contract on the basis of Article 6 (1) (c) - processing is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation incumbent on the Administrator,

  6. When participating in contests and promotional actions, in order to settle the contest, deliver the prize. Legal basis - consent of the data subject to perform the contract (Article 6(1)(a) RODO),

  7. When using the Website Internet Service, in order to present advertisements, offers or promotions (discounts) regarding the Administrator's products or services intended for all recipients, to evaluate and analyze activity and information about the Customer, including as part of as part of automated processing of personal data (profiling), in order to present general advertisements, offers, or promotions (discounts), regarding the Administrator's products or services, in a manner tailored to interests of a given Client (without, however, significantly affecting its decisions), as well as for the purpose of executing the Newsletter contract, and market and statistical analysis; and for the purpose of presenting, creation, granting, and execution of dedicated to a given Customer advertisements, offers or promotions (discounts) concerning products or services of the Administrator and its partners, to the extent possible tailored to his/her preferences (profiling), as a result of automated decision-making, capable of producing towards him/her legal consequences or in a similar manner significantly affect him/her. Basis Legal basis - consent of the data subject (Article 6(1)(a) RODO).

  8. When using the Website Internet Service additional information is collected, in particular: address IP address assigned to the end device (e.g. phone, tablet, computer) Customer or external IP address of the Internet provider, domain name, type of browser, access time, type of operating system. Legal basis - Legitimate legitimate interest (Article 6(1)(f) RODO), consisting of. Facilitate the use of services provided electronically and to improving the functionality of these services

  9. For the purpose of marketing our own products and to improve services from Customers, data may also be collected navigation, including information about the links and references they choose to choose to click on or other actions taken on our Website Internet Service. Legal basis - legitimate interest (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f RODO), consisting in facilitating the use of services provided electronically and to improve the functionality of these services services.

  10. For the purposes of establishing, investigating and enforcement of claims, certain personal data provided by the by the Customer as part of the use of functionality on the Website Website, such as name, surname, data on the use of the Electronic Services, if claims arise from the manner in which the Customer uses Electronic Services, other data necessary to prove the existence of the claim, including the extent of the damage suffered. Legal basis - legitimate interest (Article 6(1)(f). RODO), consisting of the establishment, investigation and enforcement of claims and the defense against claims in proceedings before courts and other state authorities.


Scope of Personal Data Processed:



  1. Administrator may process the following Customers' personal data:

    • using the Online Store,

    • personal data provided in the form when Account registration, placing orders (in particular: first and last name; e-mail address; contact telephone number; address for delivery), and in the case of Customers who are not consumers, additionally company name and tax identification number (NIP)) and other data collected during the use of the Online Store,

    • personal data provided for the use of the of the Electronic Services (Account, Shopping Cart, Newsletter, Adding feedback to the Products, presenting Customers with advertising content tailored to their interests advertising content, enabling browsing of content posted within the within the website, maintaining sessions Customer), provided during the establishment of an agreement for the provision of Electronic Services electronic services, performance of the contract, use of the contact form contact form, or provided when filing a complaint (name, surname, e-mail address),

    • personal data provided to participate in contests,

    • other data in particular obtained on the based on the Customer's activity on the Internet, including those obtained through the via the Online Store or other channels of communication with the Customer, using cookies and similar technologies,

  2. When using the Website Internet Service additional information is collected, in particular: address IP address assigned to the end device (e.g. phone, tablet, computer) Customer or external IP address of the Internet provider, domain name, type of browser, access time, type of operating system. Legal basis - Legitimate legitimate interest (Article 6(1)(f) RODO), consisting of. Facilitate the use of services provided electronically and to improving the functionality of these services.

  3. Transfer of personal data to the Administrator in connection, in particular, with contracts concluded of sale, or for the provision of services through the Website Internet Service is voluntary, with the reservation, however, that failure to provide data specified in the forms in the processes in which personal data are processed personal data will prevent the realization of this Service, including. conclusion and/or execution of a sales agreement or an agreement for the performance of an Electronic Service Electronic Service.





  1. In connection with the performance of the basic functions of the Website, the Administrator makes personal data available to to authorized employees and associates to the extent necessary to performance of official tasks and operation of the Electronic Services and the Online Store.

  2. Customer's personal data is transferred to the following. to service providers used by Doboxa in the operation of the Website Internet Service. The service providers to whom personal data is transferred, depending on the depending on contractual arrangements and circumstances, either are subject to Doboxa's instructions as to the purposes and means of processing such data (processors) or independently determine the purposes and methods of processing them processing (controllers).

  3. Doboxa uses suppliers who process personal data only at Doboxa's direction. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Technical service providers who can operate the technical infrastructure needed by us to provide the portal services, in particular, providers who host, store and maintain the Online Store website, its content and the data we we process, and manage the infrastructure,

    • partners who support the Administrator in providing marketing services, including but not limited to. sending promotional messages about products offered by Dobox, conduct contests, promotions,

    • providers of accounting services, providers of marketing systems, systems for analyzing traffic on the Website Website, systems for analyzing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns,

    • technical entities performing certain services in the sales process, i.e., companies providing courier/postal/warehouse services,

  4. Doboxa uses suppliers, who are separate Administrators of personal data and determine themselves purposes and uses of Customers' personal data. These suppliers are the providers of electronic payment services and banking services.

  5. The service providers are primarily based in Poland and in other countries of the European Economic Area (EEA). W Should your data be transferred outside the EEA, Doboxa will apply appropriate legal safeguards, i.e. standard clauses contractual data protection clauses approved by the European Commission.

  6. When you make a purchase from the Store Online Store personal data (i.e. name, surname, address, e-mail address, telephone no. phone number) will be provided to the courier company, in order to deliver the ordered goods.

  7. When a request is made, Doboxa shall make personal data available to authorized state authorities, in particular in particular, the organizational units of the Prosecutor's Office, the Police, the President of the Office for the Protection of Personal Data, the President of the Office for the Protection of Competition and Consumers or the President of the Office of Electronic Communications.

  8. As indicated in the introduction, realizing the realizing the importance of customer privacy, the Administrator protects not only the visitors of the Online Store, but also the Customers, who have provided the Administrator with their Personal Data using other channels of communication, i.e.: 

    • website and any other websites branded or co-branded with Facebook (including sub-domains, versions of the international, widgets and cell phone versions), whose rules of operation are based on regulations made available in particular at, provided respectively by Facebook Inc. or Facebook Ireland Limited (hereinafter also: "Service Facebook"), including by means of the Facebook Lead Ads function aimed at direct marketing of the Administrator's own products or services. Rules for the protection and use of Personal Data by the Service Facebook are made available, for example, at: The Administrator has no influence on the content of Facebook's regulations, including those concerning Personal Data. Personal Data. 

    • applications that allow the Administrator to run advertising campaigns, including contests, within Facebook.

    • Collected data is also used to establish a User's profile and allow to customize the content of the Website and newsletters to his/her needs. Processing of the indicated data always takes place in accordance with the Act of July 18, 2002 on the provision of services by electronic means by electronic means and in accordance with the Act of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons in connection with the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation Data Protection - RODO).

  9. Information collected automatically are used to manage the Service, identify possible security threats security threats, researching User traffic within the Service and for statistical purposes, including using the Google Analytics tool Analytics, such as about the region from which the connection was made, IP no, date and time of connection, source and number of connections, number of subpages of the Website that are opened, or to personalize the content of subpages of the Website Service. This information is not combined in any way with the personal data of the Service User and are not used to determine the identity of the User. The scope of information collected automatically depends on User's web browser settings. The User should check their browser settings to find out what information is shared by the browser automatically or to make changes to these settings. For this purpose, we recommend reading the the contents of the "Help" of your web browser.





Customers' personal information is stored:

  1. When the basis for processing of personal data is consent then the Customer's personal data is processed by Dobox as long as the consent has not been revoked, and after revocation of consent for a period corresponding to the period of statute of limitations for claims that Doboxa may raise and which may be raised against it.

  2. When the basis of the processing is the performance of a contract, then the Customer's personal data is processed by Dobox for as long as it is necessary for the performance of the contract, and thereafter for a period corresponding to the period of statute of limitations for claims.

  3. When the basis of the of data processing is a legally justified purpose, then the Customer's personal data are processed for the entire period of account activity and in archival form until the statute of limitations for possible claims.

  4. In the event that processing is related to cookies and similar technology, depending on technical issues technical issues, until such files are deleted using the settings of the browser/device (whereby deletion of files is not always the same as the deletion of personal data obtained through these files files, hence the possibility of objection).





  1. Right to revoke consent - legal basis: Article 7(3) of the RODO.

    • Customer has the right to revoke any consent he/she has given to Dobox.

    • The exercise of the right takes effect immediately after the withdrawal of consent.

    • Withdrawal of consent does not affect the processing lawfully performed by Dobox prior to its withdrawal.

    • Withdrawal of consent does not entail any any negative consequences for the Client, however, it may prevent further use of services or functionalities that, in accordance with the law Doboxa may provide only with consent.

  2. Right to object to the processing of data - legal basis: Article 21 of the RODO.

    • The customer has the right at any time to object - for reasons related to his/her particular situation - to the against the processing of his/her personal data, including profiling, if Doboxa processes his/her data based on a legitimate interest, Such as marketing Doboxa's products and services, keeping statistics use of particular functionalities of the Website, and facilitating the use of the Website, as well as surveying satisfaction.

    • Resignation by e-mail from receipt of marketing communications regarding products or services, will imply the Customer's objection to the processing of his/her personal data personal data.

    • If the Customer's objection proves to be legitimate and Doboxa has no other legal basis for processing of personal data, the Customer's personal data will be deleted, against the processing of which, the Customer has raised an objection.

  3. Right to erasure of data ("right to be forgotten") - legal basis: article 17 of the RODO.

    • Customer has the right to request deletion of all or some of his/her personal data.

    • Customer has the right to request deletion of personal data if:

      • the personal data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or for which they were processed,

      • withdrew specific consent, to the extent that the personal data was processed based on his/her consent,

      • has objected to the use of his/her data for marketing purposes,

      • personal data is processed unlawfully,

      • personal data must be deleted in in order to comply with a legal obligation under Union law or the law of the Member State to which Doboxa is subject,

      • personal data was collected in connection with the offering of information society services,

      • despite the request to delete the data personal data, due to the filing of an objection or withdrawal of consent, Doboxa may retain certain personal data to the extent that the processing is necessary for the establishment, investigation or defense of claims, as well as as well as to comply with a legal obligation requiring processing under Union law or the law of a member state, to which Doboxa is subject. This applies in particular to personal data including: name, surname, e-mail address, which data is retained for the purposes of handling complaints and claims related to the use of Doboxa's services, or, in addition, a residential address/address correspondence address, order number, which data is retained for for the purpose of examining complaints and claims related to the concluded contracts of sale or provision of services,
  4. Right to restrict data processing - legal basis: Article 18 RODO.

    • Customer has the right to request a restriction of the processing of his/her personal data. The submission of a request, until pending its consideration, prevents the use of certain functionalities or services, the use of which will involve the processing of the data covered by the request. Doboxa will also not send any communications, including marketing.

    • Customer has the right to request restriction of the use of personal data in the following cases:

      • when he questions the accuracy of his personal data - in which case Doboxa restricts its use for the time needed to verify the correctness of the data, but no longer than for 7 days,

      • when the processing of data is unlawful, and instead of deleting the data, the Client requests to limit its use,

      • when personal data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or used, but are they are needed by the customer in order to establish, assert or defend claims,

      • when he has objected to the use of his or her data - in which case the restriction shall be for the time needed to consider whether - due to the particular situation - the protection of the Client's interests, rights and freedoms outweighs the interests, which the Administrator pursues by processing the Client's personal data,

  5. Right of access to data - legal basis: article 15 of the RODO.

  6. Customer has the right to obtain confirmation from the Administrator as to whether it is processing personal data, and if this is the case, Customer has the right:

    • get access to his/her personal data,

    • obtain information about the purposes of the processing, the categories of personal data processed, the recipients or categories of recipients of these data, the planned period of of storage of the Client's data or the criteria for determining this period (when it is not possible to determine the planned period of data processing possible), about the Customer's rights under the RODO and the right to to lodge a complaint to a supervisory authority, about the source of the data, about automated decision-making, including profiling, and about safeguards applied in connection with the transfer of such data outside the European Union,

    • obtain a copy of your personal data,

  7. Right to rectification of data - legal basis: article 16 of the RODO.

    • Customer has the right to request from the Administrator to immediately rectify the personal data concerning him/her personal data that are incorrect. Taking into account the purposes of processing, Customer to whom the data pertains has the right to request the completion of incomplete personal data, including by providing an additional statement statement, addressing the request to the e-mail address in accordance with §6 of the Privacy Policy. §6 of the Privacy Policy.

  8. Right to data portability - legal basis: Article 20 RODO

    • Customer has the right to receive his/her data personal data that he/she has provided to the Administrator, and then send it to another personal data administrator of his/her choice. The customer also has the right to request that the personal data be sent by the Administrator directly to such an administrator, insofar as this is technically possible. In this case, the Administrator will send Customer's personal data in a structured, commonly used format, which is commonly used, machine-readable and allowing to send the received data to another controller personal data.

  9. In the event that the customer requests the entitlement arising from the above rights, Doboxa shall fulfill the request or refuses to fulfill it immediately, but no later than within within one month after its receipt. However, if - due to complex nature of the request or the number of requests, Doboxa will not be be able to fulfill the request within one month, it will fulfill it within another two months informing the Client in advance - within one month of receipt of the request - about the intended extension of the deadline and its reasons.

  10. The Client may report to the Administrator complaints, inquiries and requests regarding the processing of his/her personal data and the exercise of his/her rights.

  11. The customer has the right to lodge a complaint with the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection, regarding violation of his/her data protection rights or other rights granted under the RODO.






  1. The website uses small files, called cookies. They are saved by Dobox on the the final device of the person visiting the Website, if the Internet browser allows it. A cookie usually contains the name of the of the domain from which it originated, its "expiration time," and an individual random number that identifies that file.

  2. Information collected through files of this type helps to adapt the products offered by Dobox to the individual preferences and actual needs of visitors to the Website. They also provide an opportunity to develop general statistics of visits to the presented products on the Website, allow for subsequent identification of the User in case of reconnection to the Website Website from the device (e.g. computer, phone) on which they they have been saved. The cookies used are primarily intended to facilitate Customer's use of the Online Store and the Website, as well as serve to adjust their content, including presented advertisements, to her preferences. Cookie files are also used to increase usability and personalization of the content of the Online Store, including presenting, creating, granting and executing advertisements, offers or promotions (discounts) dedicated to a given customer in accordance with her interests (applies only if she has consented to such action).

  3. With the help of cookie technology, it is possible to present offers and advertisements tailored to the preferences of the Customers.

  4. Cookies are used on the Website only with the consent of the User. Consent is expressed by clicking the "X" box in the information field on the Website's page Website or by appropriate software settings by the User, in particular the web browser, installed in the telecommunications device used by the User to browse the content of the Website.

  5. The cookies may contain data personal data, allowing identification of Users, then the provisions of provisions concerning personal data and their processing.

  6. The User of the Website may also restrict or disable cookies in his/her browser by setting it so that it blocks cookies or warn the User against storing cookies on the device he/she which he/she uses to view the content of the Website. W such case, however, it may happen that the User, while using the Website, will not be able to access certain content, and in extreme cases may be completely blocked from correctly displaying the pages of the Website, including the Online Store.






  1. Administrator for the purpose of presenting general advertisements, offers or promotions (discounts), intended for all Customers, in a manner tailored to the interests of the interests of a particular Customer, may learn about the Customer's preferences, For example, by analyzing how often he visits the Online Store and what products he has purchased. This allows us to better understand the expectations of the Customer and adapt to his needs, without, however, significantly affecting significantly on his/her decisions. Thanks to the Administrator's use of advanced technologies, the above actions will often be performed by the system in an automated manner, so that the content sent will be most up-to-date, and the customer will be able to quickly get acquainted with them.

  2. The aforementioned analysis of interests or preferences will also be used to create, grant, implement dedicated and, to the extent possible, tailored advertising, offers or promotions (discounts), in an automated manner, which may produce legal effects towards him or in a similar manner significantly affect him affect him, potentially limiting access to other Customers (option not available to Customers who are under the age of majority and have not given their consent to to such actions of the Administrator).

  3. From simple "profiling" (ie. tailoring our communications, banners to your interests), such activities of ours are distinguished by the fact that their result may significantly influence your choices as a consumer, i.e., for example, their result may be a a very favorable, temporary offer of Products targeted exclusively to you based on your purchase history and behavior on our site, to which our other customers will not have access. The more often a given Customer uses the Administrator's services and purchases its Products, the potentially better promotions and surprises will be able to be prepared for him/her prepared.

  4. Administrator may also process information regarding the Customer's preferences, which may sometimes have the nature of personal data, and have been provided to the Administrator by the Customer voluntarily.





  1. Session cookies, which collect information about the User's activities and exist only for the duration of a a given session, which begins when a page of the Website is opened and ends with its closing,

  2. Permanent cookies, which are stored on the User's ICT device (on the computer, phone or other device of the User from which connection was made with the Website) and remain there for an extended period of time after the closing the web browser,

  3. Proprietary cookies placed by the IT Service and cookies placed by third parties third parties, approved by Admisnitrator, including cookies of the tool Google Analytics, used to analyze the activities of Users of the Website for statistical purposes.

  4. On the Website we use Google Ads cookies. Google Ads uses the technology of files text files placed on your device, in order to enable evaluation of the correctness and effectiveness of the advertising activities carried out with the Ads network services such as:

    • remarketing,

    • categories of interest,

    • similar audiences,

    • other types of interest-based advertising,

    • demographic and location-based targeting,

  5. We use retargeting services personalized retargeting services, which allow us to provide you with the most relevant ads related to the content you view on our services. These ads are displayed based on your activity on the service. You can unsubscribe from such services by following the instructions on the website:, or by setting the appropriate options in your web browser.

  6. The cookies we use are used primarily to optimize customer service when using of the Website or the Online Store. Doboxa does, however, cooperate with other companies in the scope of their marketing (advertising) activities - for the purposes of this cooperation browser or other software installed on your computer or your other device, also saves cookies from entities conducting such marketing activities, which may become become the controller of your personal data. The cookies sent by these entities entities are intended to ensure effective implementation of the premise of presenting only those advertisements that correspond to your individual interests and needs - we believe that displaying personalized advertising is more attractive to you than advertising that remains unrelated to your needs. Without these files, this would not be possible possible, as it is the companies that cooperate with Doboxa that deliver to you the your advertising content.

  7. As part of our marketing activities. We use the services of the following entities, which use on the Website Website with cookies:

    • Google Ads

    • Google Analytics

    • Google DoubleClick

    • Hotjar

    • Facebook

    • Homebook

    • Ceneo

    • Sociomantic

    • Criteo

  8. For more information on the cookies cookies used by the aforementioned entities can be found in the privacy policies used by them.

  9. The cookie mechanism is safe for the terminal devices used by the Customers of the Website. W particular, by this means it is not possible to get into the devices of Customers' end devices of viruses or other unwanted software or malware. malware. Nevertheless, in their browsers, Customers have possibility to limit or disable the access of cookies to end devices. If this option is used, the use of the Website will be possible, except for functions that by their nature nature require cookies.

  10. Doboxa collects IP addresses. Clients. An IP address is a number assigned to the terminal device of a person visiting the Website by an Internet service provider. The IP number allows access to the Internet. In most cases, it is assigned to the end device dynamically, i.e., it changes with each each time it connects to the Internet, and for this reason it is treated commonly, as non-personal identifying information. The IP address is used by Dobox in diagnosing technical problems technical problems with the server, creating statistical analysis (e.g. determining from which regions we record the most visits), as information useful in administering and improving the Website Internet Service, as well as for security purposes and possible identification of unwanted automatic programs to browse the content of the Website.

  11. The Web Service contains links and links to other websites. Doboxa is not responsible for the privacy policies on them.






  1. The Company reserves the right to make changes to this Policy for legal or organizational reasons, including the development of IT services.

  2. Please direct any questions related to the Privacy Policy to: